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At Liotrivi Houses we believe that accessibility to all is important. That's why one of the houses is designed and equipped to accommodate the needs of people with mobility challenges. All rooms, the bathrooms as well as the kitchen are designed to be wheelchair friendly giving the possibility for a full independence. In the house there is an elevator connecting the three levels.
The outside area is designed respecting the inclines, so a wheelchair will have an easy access.  
We are also offering a beach wheelchair for our guest that need one, and we will provide a list of wheelchair friendly beaches. 
Last but not least we will do our maximum to accommodate your needs for physiotherapy or massage - this is an independent service not affiliated to the Liotrivi Houses and we will need to be informed in advance so we can make the proper arrangements.
Main room
Access to balcony
Wheelchair friendly kitchen #1
Kitchen - living room
Wheelchair friendly bathroom at first floor
Wheelchair friendly bathroom at ground floor
Door safety
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