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Welcome to Liotrivi Houses at Nikiti Chalkidiki.


We have five modern, family oriented townhouses, one is wheelchair accessible.  They are built in the old Nikiti Town, with respect to the traditional architecture.  


Old Nikiti Town is conveniently located 90 kilometers from the international airport of Thessaloniki making it the perfect location to become your camp base for exploring the beautiful Sithonia area. 

The houses are ideal for visitors that want to relax in a calm environment but they are also for those that want to participate to the vibrant life as they are not far away from the newer touristic part of Nikiti.

Our name "Liotrivi" in Modern Greek Means olive oil press, and we gave this name in honor of the old olive oil press building that was standing at this spot. The Houses are using the same stones from the original building. The dominant colors of the houses are nuances of blue, olive green and grey, inspired from the stones. 


We hope you will enjoy your stay, and you can cocoon-like the cat under the olive tree.  

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